Bill Goldberg Drops Hint on His Son Gage’s Future in WWE

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Over the years, Bill Goldberg has had great success in WWE. During his second run especially, Goldberg performed incredibly and was an unstoppable force inside the ring.

Goldberg’s first run with the company came in 2003 and lasted for only one year. He left WWE and took a hiatus from pro-wrestling for 12 years before returning.

Bill Goldberg played in the NFL prior to his WCW debut. He had to leave NFL because of an injury and hence joined pro wrestling. WCW introduced Goldberg as a wrecking machine who quickly demolished his opponents.

When Goldberg took a hiatus from pro wrestling, he pursued other goals in his professional life. His personal life was also going well for him as he got married and had a son named Gage, who was seen in WWE recently during Goldberg’s feud with Bobby Lashley.

Recently, Goldberg posted a small clip of his son practicing baseball on his Instagram.

The caption said, “The GageGoldberg experiment continues…… as we assemble the proper team….. goals are set and the work goes on. Between @coachkav @chucksmithtrainingsystems @d1boerne and the coaching staff at #Boernechampion we put in the work. #letsgo #baseball #football #highschool #texas #spear #catcher #middlelinebacker #jackhammer #whosnext @wwe @dodge @goldbergsgarage #focus determination #oldschool #hardwork #basics #puttinginthework #nevergiveup #hustle #attitude #motivation #dreamchaser #proudparents”


In this post, Goldberg also hinted at his son’s aspiration of becoming a WWE superstar. He tagged WWE’s Instagram account so that they can watch Gage. WWE has often looked for athletes from other sports who have the potential to become WWE stars.

The WWE legend was an NFL player and then transitioned into a pro-wrestler. Hence, Goldberg’s son might also wish to follow in his father’s footsteps and join WWE in the latter part of his life and become a pro-wrestler.

Has Goldberg retired from pro wrestling?

In the year 2020, The former champion signed a contract with WWE until early 2022, which allowed him two matches a year. Fans saw him having matches mainly at WWE Saudi Arabia shows.

Goldberg recently had a match against Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. It was for the Universal Championship and that was his last WWE match as per the contract. After that, he didn’t sign another contract with WWE.

Goldberg, at 55 years old, is still in great shape and has said he can have 2-3 matches a year. He hasn’t officially announced his retirement yet, but he isn’t in contract with any wrestling promotion.

What do you think? Will Goldberg have one more run with WWE? Let us know in the comment section.

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