WWE news: When Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart refused to lose a match to The Undertaker

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Gerald Brisco has revealed details about how Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart refused to lose a match to The Undertaker during a match in Bahrain, many years ago.

Former WWE backstage producer Gerald Brisco has revealed that Bret Hart, also known with his in-ring name The Hitman refused to lose a match to The Undertaker during a WWE tournament in Bahrain many years ago. Recently speaking during his conversation on the Something to Wrestle podcast with Bruce Prichard, Brisco revealed interesting details about the particular instance. In the match being talked about, Bret Hart was booked to be beaten by The Undertaker in a non-title tournament in the main event. However, Hart went on to win after refusing to lose in front of his fans and Canadian soldiers.

The Undertaker vs Bret Hart

Match Highlights 31 Jan 1992.



Speaking on Something to Wrestle, Brisco revealed they were in Bahrain for the main event between Bret and the Undertaker. As reported by WrestlingNews.com, explaining the whole situation, Brisco said, ‘It came down to Bret and Undertaker as the main event. It wasn’t a title match, it was just a Bahrain tournament. Bret said, ‘I’m not going to drop the match here. I can’t get beat here.’ I’m thinking, we’re in the middle of nowhere. I asked Bret, ‘Why’ It’s The Undertaker.’ He said, ‘There’s too many fans.’ Granted, there were a contingent of Canadian soldiers in attendance, so he was right in that aspect. There were some Canadian soldiers, but most of the people were native people there’.

Bret Hart didn’t want to defeat The Undertaker by pinning him down
Speaking further about the same, Brisco revealed that he quickly made a call to WWE boss Vince McMahon who told him to get the wrestlers into the ring. McMahon also directed Brisco by saying whenever Undertaker come in, they would have to let him know about what he is going to do so that he develops a game plan for the fight. He further revealed that Bret Hart wanted to defeat The Undertaker by a sharpshooter and added, ‘He said, ‘Well, I don’t have to pin him. I can put the sharpshooter on him.’ I said, ‘Well you’re not going to put the sharpshooter on him. You’re going to pin him.’ So we worked out the match for VKM. That was my first example with Bret.’


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