Brock Lesnar Has 1.5x Higher Net Worth Than Hollywood Star Without Even Acting in Movies

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Hollywood is a glamorous industry. If you make it in there, there is nothing stopping your net worth from rising. However, that does not mean other forms of entertainment are any less. In fact, Brock Lesnar is proof that sports entertainment can push one’s net worth more than Hollywood.

The Beast has never been to Hollywood. But, he has been a part of WWE, the sports entertainment giant. While working with WWE, Lesnar has gathered a net worth of approximately $25 Million. His base salary from WWE is $12 Million, and he is one of the highest paid WWE Superstars.

His constant efforts in the ring, along with his ability to engage the audience, became a key point in his stardom. It’s because of his enormous fan following and popularity that WWE realized Brock Lesnar is an absolute asset. And well, they paid him well and his net worth jumped.

When compared to former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista, who is currently in Hollywood, Lesnar’s net worth is almost 1.5x more than him. Reportedly, Bautista’s net worth is approximately $16 Million, and he has worked in Avengers and Guardian of the Galaxies. He has a new movie from the same franchise coming up.

Additionally, Bautista has worked on other films such as Army of the Dead and My Spy. Even though these movies made money, it did not increase his net worth as much as Lesnar’s did during his time in WWE.

Now, the net worth does not only depend on how much is earned but also on what is done with the money.

Brock Lesnar became vigilant about his money following his WWE rookie year

The Beast grew up on a farm, but his family was not financially well-off. Therefore, he never had the luxury of knowing what a heavy wallet feels like.

Now, during his WWE rookie year, he saw the big bucks, but did not quite know how to manage his finances. As a result, he almost went bankrupt by the time his rookie year ended. This brief scare led him to become serious about his finances.

Today, he does not need to work with WWE because he needs the money. He works with the company because he wants to; it makes him happy. Otherwise, he has a huge farm in Saskatchewan, which is a good source of income for him.

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