“That’s when you get sell-outs” – Former booker reveals why Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns will draw big numbers at WWE Day 1 (Exclusive)

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Ahead of WWE Day 1, former booker and wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell explained that Roman Reigns’ current feud with Brock Lesnar has people on the edge of their seats. The uncertainty over what will happen after the events that transpired last night on WWE SmackDown, will attract more viewers for the eventual clash between the two stars.

After months of doubt and questioning, Roman Reigns asked Heyman one final time to clear himself of any suspicion and reveal why he was protecting Lesnar. Heyman responded that it was the other way around and he was protecting Reigns. This prompted the Universal Champion to fire his special counsel and drop him flat with a Superman punch. As The Head of the Table prepared to sandwich Heyman’s head between two steel chairs, he was interrupted by the Beast Incarnate who then attacked Reigns.

On the latest episode of Smack Talk on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s YouTube channel, Dutch Mantell sat down with Sid Pullar III to review the latest episodes of AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown. Here’s what Mantell had to say regarding the doubt sprinkled over this angle, and whether this is all a ruse or if Heyman has turned babyface:

“[Uncertainty] is what makes this angle good because now, you and I are of course [discussing it], that’s what we’re supposed to talk about. But fans are now thinking ‘I wonder where this is going now’ and this is when you get sell-outs. When it’s interesting and you don’t know really who’s gonna win or where it’s gonna go, that’s when people say ‘I’m gonna go see this’. I think [the pay-per-view] will do well”

You can check out the full video where Dutch Mantell shares his thoughts on AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown here:

Roman Reigns recently successfully defended the WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar

At WWE Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship in what was the latter’s biggest obstacle so far. After going back and forth, Reigns won the match after he used the title belt thrown in by Paul Heyman and even used some help from the Usos.

However, he is now set to face Brock Lesnar once again at WWE Day 1.Do you think the Head of the Table will reign supreme, or will Lesnar manage to topple Reigns’ impressive run as the Universal Champion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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