Every WWE Reference and Details You Missed in Rumble

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AEW All Out saw Adam Cole reference his past, Bryan Danielson repeat a bit of his WWE history, and Jon Moxley wear a special shirt.

All Out 2021 was an instant classic PPV that had a number of AEW fans positing it was one of the greatest wrestling shows of all time. From superb matches for the Tag Team and World Championships, to the inspired return to the ring of CM Punk, to the surprise arrivals of Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson, there was plenty for fans to get excited about. The show also included a number of Easter eggs and subtleties worth paying attention to.

When Bryan Danielson appeared at AEW All Out, he did so previously unannounced, drawing a huge reaction from the crowd in the final stretch of the PPV. It wasn’t the first time he provoked such a reaction in a similar way, though.

When Danielson worked not only his first match at a SummerSlam, but his first WWE PPV match at all, he did so without prior announcement either. At SummerSlam 2010, he was the surprise seventh member of John Cena’s team to go up against The Nexus, after having been let go by WWE in the early stages of the Nexus angle. Ironically, WWE may have actually pulled off the bigger surprise debut for Danielson. While the crowd at All Out quite arguably gave the louder response, it was widely rumored that Danielson would debut for AEW soon, and perhaps that very night. By contrast, there was virtually no buzz at all about Danielson being rehired by WWE back in 2010.

Adam Cole only appeared for the final minutes of AEW All Out, but he made the most of that time with a positively shocking entrance and a promo that didn’t mince words. Cole first referenced “what you did to me” in regards to Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks turning on him when they were last in the same ring, ejecting him from The Bullet Club. From there, he dropped a mention to fans who thought he was going to go up against Omega that there was “no chance in hell,” which felt like it had to be a tip of the hat to Vince McMahon’s theme song, just a few short weeks removed from The Chairman purportedly meeting personally with Cole to try to keep him under the WWE banner.

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