WWE botches the finish of Roman Reigns vs Goldberg at Elimination Chamber

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Goldberg wrestled the final match of his current WWE deal at Elimination Chamber when he took on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship.

The WWE Hall of Famer came up short after just over six minutes when the referee ruled that he was out cold after being locked into the guillotine. Interestingly, the hold should have been broken by the official a few seconds earlier when Goldberg was able to make it to the ropes whilst Reigns was holding in the move.

The former Champion struggled to hold Roman Reigns’ weight whilst locked in the move and held the ropes for leverage. But when he put his hands on the ropes in the corner, the hold should have been broken. It wasn’t, which then lead to Reigns picking up the win.

Was this Goldberg’s final WWE match?

Goldberg has competed in 12 matches since making his WWE return in 2017 and of those matches, seven have been for World Championships. Goldberg has managed to lift the Universal Championship since making his return as well when he dethroned Kevin Owens.

Goldberg is likely to re-sign a new deal after taking some time away from WWE, but as of this writing, the former Champion is yet to put pen to paper on a new contract and his future with the company remains uncertain.


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