Cristiano Ronaldo offside goal vs Liverpool

Cristiano Ronaldo offside goal vs Liverpool

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unbelievable united one liverpool mill
you’ll have to regret this united you
really start to feel the worst here’s
the corner reign has missed it or two
it is ronaldo and liverpool are
extinguished united are gonna do the
double over liverpool
ronaldo scores against liverpool for the
first time here’s rooney
tries to play in nani he does here’s
nanny can he wrap it up oh pig not out
what a strike
what a goal from manny
what can he do now in front of the
stratford ends one nil
absolutely lethal
cristiano ronaldo strikes and it’s first
blood to united in this massive game
it’s wayne rooney
great save and again
he has now
wayne rooney
boyhood evertonian manchester united
player scores against liverpool
away from rodriguez good run from the

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