Cristiano Ronaldo vs Atalanta 21-10-2021 HD

look who it is it’s birthday for me
some of you may have seen him from the
instagram story but dan first of all
happy birthday mate thank you very much
you’re a united fan
come with me to the game that’s it what
do you reckon for the score uh we’re
going to go with 4-1 tonight we’ll
definitely concede we’ve got mcguire and
lindelof at the back we’re going to
concede yeah but ronaldo is going to
come through but this is a problem he’s
not the goat.

are you going to prove today that he’s a
goat i’ll show it yeah if messi is
scoring two and i’ll score in three do
you know i like messi as the best player
in the world i’m seeing ronaldo for the
first time in the united shirt

do you really think he’s going to score
he is obviously okay right we’ve got
sutra kane here i’m going to be nice and
in that people said does he look all
like such or harry kane i think sue
slightly won the vote but people are
saying eric died so comment down below
who he looks like more
predictions today
five nil united what i’m gonna ask you a
big question who’s the goat first of all
say messi right ronaldo okay well this
is just united fan buyers right no nano
is the goat is he scoring today patrick
hatcher yeah who else we got here we got
united fan no arsenal arsenal are sorry
i’m so

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