Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Best Friend Kevin Hart Absolutely Hates This Thing About Him

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The relationship Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson share is one of the best friendships in Hollywood. Their work chemistry in movies is out of the world, as the comic timing is always perfect.

The duo has acted in multiple films together, most notably Central Intelligence and Jumanji movie series. The best friends are like brothers to each other and just like actual brothers, they have a friendly fun making relationship amongst themselves.

Sometime back, the duo Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, along with Jack Black, appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote their movie Jumanji: The Next Level. There we have one more instance of how The Rock likes to annoy Kevin Hart.

Hart admitted he doesn’t like Johnson when he smolders. He also said it wasn’t needed in the movie. Smolder is basically The Rock’s People’s Eyebrow which Johnson used to do in WWE back in the day.

Hart said, “That is literally from where it came from and this is why he looked at me because it’s so frustrating. Go ahead and tell the story about stup*d smoldering.”

Johnson replied, “It’s one of those things Graham that day god delivered I signed for it. Everyone likes and everyone loves it except one individual (points at Kevin Hart)”

Dwayne Johnson stated this using his smolder personality came up during the script making, however, Kevin Hart didn’t like it. Johnson then demonstrated to everyone at the show what smoldering looks like, and everyone liked it, except of course Kevin Hart.

It’s very artful of The Rock for doing his People’s Eyebrow in movies and calling it smoldering in Jumanji movie. Hie character in Jumanji is Dr. Smolder Bravestone has smoldering as one of the abilities on his list.

Dwayne Johnson surprises his fans at Las Vegas

A couple of days back, Dwayne Johnson shared a video on his Instagram of surprising two fans. Johnson was recently in Vegas to take care of some business. He then went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to surprise some fans.

Dwayne Johnson is The People’s Champ in real life too. Johnson recently, got his own statue made at Madan Tussauds Wax Museum USA and his fans are coming in crowds to witness the statue. Johnson loves to do surprise appearances for his fans whenever he gets a chance.

The action star made the day for his fans and also gave everyone their own bottle of Teremana Tequilla. He loved his time at the museum to meet the fans and adored watching them appreciate his statue.

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