Exactly the opposite of what Cody and Seth was” – Bully Ray lambasts high-profile WWE RAW angle

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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Bully Ray has voiced his frustrations over the feud between Bobby Lashley and Omos.

Lashley is all set to face the big Nigerian and MVP in a handicap match at the Hell in a Cell premium live event. The two last clashed on the May 16 episode of RAW in a steel cage match. However, during the contract signing for the match last week on RAW, the two men refused to fight until Cedric Alexander came in and attacked the Almighty.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Busted Open Radio show, Bully Ray professed that he could not understand the logic behind the two men not engaging in a fight.

“Bobby and Omos was exactly the opposite of what Cody and Seth was. You know at the end of Bobby and Seth here is Bobby who is like jacked to the nines throwing a table out of the way. And then here is Omos who is six foot nine hundred throwing chairs out of the way and they are stammering around like giant baby men not willing to fight. I could not understand why Omos is just throwing furniture around as opposed to going after Bobby Lashley.” (5:31 onwards)

He also stated that security would not have done anything if Lashley and Omos decided to go at each other. He expressed his desire to see them fight like Cody and Seth did.


Perhaps this was WWE’s attempt to differentiate the segment from the Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes one before the two eventually collided in the ring.

Vince Russo bashes Bobby Lashley and Omos’s booking on the latest episode of RAW


Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has slammed the promotion’s creative for Bobby Lashley and Omos on the go-home episode of Hell in a Cell.

Speaking on this week’s episode of Legion of RAW, Vince Russo explained why he does not need to watch the match at the premium live event.

“You talk about what these go-home shows used to mean. Bro, how does this show end? The babyface puts the heel through a table. Why am I going to watch the pay-per-view? He just put the heel through a table. Nothing to see here. I don’t know how could I put a positive spin on that. You’re supposed to go into the pay-per-view with heat. You want to see the babyface get his comeuppance. He puts Omos, the Nigerian Giant, through a table. Game over, it’s game over bro. Like seriously.”

After a series of matches over the past few weeks, the feud between the two giant superstars is likely to come to and end on June 5th at WWE Hell in a Cell.

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