Fans Concerned as Roman Reigns Hints at Leaving WWE to Follow Dwayne Johnson’s Footsteps

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Roman Reigns has reached new heights since he turned into ‘The Head of The Table’. This is the success WWE wanted for him since they started pushing him in 2015.

His fame has transcended the WWE, and he has already acted in several projects while he was recovering from leukemia and had taken off from WWE. Hence, many were speculating he would jump ship to Hollywood in the coming future.

The Undisputed Champion broke character to thank the fans for the support at a live WWE had a live show in Trenton, New Jersey.


‘The Head of the Table‘ said that he would not be able to come to Trenton in the future as he would be starting a new phase in his life.

Further, this was not the first time Roman Reigns has hinted at his move to Hollywood. A while ago on the Michael Kay Show, he said he was planning on pursuing an acting career in the future like his cousin Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Also, it seems WWE is supporting Reigns to climb the next ladder in his life.

WWE fans react to the post-show promo of Roman Reigns

After watching Reigns drop a bombshell at Trenton’s show, fans were concerned about ‘The Tribal Chief’ probably departing for Hollywood. Fans aren’t ready to see the best heel in wrestling leave, and took to Twitter to share their views.

One fan said, “I’m not buying the idea of Roman leaving, I’ll believe it when it’s confirmed. He may said it himself but it’s probably a work. I would wait & see first. #WWE #RomanReigns”


Another wrestling fan could not hear more sad news today. “Canelo got destroyed. Thug Rose lost in the worst UFC fight ever. The Warriors played like they maxed out all the sliders to 100. Tony Ferguson went to sleep. Roman Reigns, might be leaving WWE for Hollywood. What a night. #CaneloBivol #UFC274 #Warriors”.


Another one commented, “If Roman Reigns is leaving, then they need to build up some top guys quickly!”


A WWE fan is all in for the future WWE superstars but doesn’t want Reigns to leave. “Roman leaving would s*ck for WWE but yall keep saying Vince doesnt make stars he made Roman Seth Sasha Charlotte, etc. Now hes got Theory, Cody can run with the title, have Gunther and plenty in NXT on the back burner #RomanReigns”.

One Twitter user said, “Roman Reigns talking about leaving. Sasha Banks being successful in Hollywood. Veterans in their early-mid 40sx. Bianca getting mainstream popularity. LA Knight, Tatum Paxley, and Sloane Jacobs will replace them tho.”

Additionally, one fan said, “Roman Reigns saying he’s starting a “new phase” in life and doesn’t know if he’ll be back in Trenton, NJ again. Do you think he’s going to be leaving WWE soon?”

Besides Reigns, Sasha Banks has also found brilliant success in Hollywood. But right now, fans are not ready to see ‘The Tribal Chief’ leave WWE as he is the hottest wrestler in the business.

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