WWE Female Superstars That Are Moms

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The WWE ring has been populated by a number of mothers in recent years after the Women’s Revolution has allowed many former stars and current mothers to make their returns to the ring.

The likes of Trish Stratus, Brie Bella, and Maryse have all returned to the WWE ring after starting families, but whilst these stars wrested just a few matches some women are contracted to the company whilst also raising a family.

At present, there are just four women on WWE’s main roster who are working mothers, whilst Becky Lynch and former star Sarah Logan are currently waiting for their first additions to their families.

The Sassy Southern Belle came into WWE as a mother and has been able to adapt to having her daughter on the road with her whenever she needs to. When Lacey Evans was in NXT, numerous Instagram updates showed the former star putting her daughter to bed backstage at live events, before she was promoted to the main roster.

During her time on SmackDown, her daughter Summer became an integral part of her feud with Sasha Banks and Bayley, even though Evans wasn’t able to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship as part of the story. Summer was enough to turn Evans’ face and allow her to have a convincing rivalry with the Golden Role Models.

Evans was recently drafted over to Monday Night RAW, and her six-year-old daughter hasn’t yet been able to feature as part of the red brand.

Now that WWE has allowed Summer to be part of storylines alongside her mother, it could be the start of a dream for the youngster if she decides to follow in her mother’s footsteps and work towards a career in the ring.

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