“Floyd and I Against…”: Big Show Reveals Stunning Original Plans for Floyd Mayweather’s Alleged $20M WWE Payday

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It is a regular thing in WWE to bring in celebrities at WrestleMania. The celebrities are from various fields and we have seen them taking part in matches. Celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Bad Bunny, Logan Paul, etc. had matches at the grandest stage.

One of the  most anticipated match was WWE Superstar, The Big Show vs Boxer Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania 24. This match was one of the main attractions of that year’s WrestleMania.

AEW star Paul Wight aka The Big Show for WWE fans recently appeared for an Interview on Submission Radio. The Largest Athlete gave an insider of his match against Floyd Mayweather about how originally it was planned as a tag team match.

Wight said, “Originally, I think that was supposed to be Floyd and I against Batista and Rey. It was supposed to be a tag originally and then there was a series of injuries. I think Dave got hurt really bad, either tore a lat or a bicep and the same thing happened with Rey, and all this happened before we got to kick the angle off.”

He added, “So when they presented the opportunity, hey, will you work with him one-on-one? I’m like, hell yes, I’ll work with him, whatever you guys want to do.”

The injuries of Batista and Rey Mysterio made WWE creatives change the plans to singles matches. However, Paul Wight also stated he instantly said yes to this match, as he knew this match would get major attention. He even got on one knee to get his nose busted by the Boxer.

Paul Wight praises Floyd Mayweather

Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather had an illustrious career in boxing. When he retired in 2017, he hanged the gloves with a 50-0 win-loss record. Mayweather’s matches were major bouts and his name of the card used to fill the arena.

Wight recently praised Mayweather in his interview. He said, “But you know what? Another thing too, like working with him was such a great experience because he gets promotion, he gets the art of selling tickets. He understands how to motivate people.”

Even though the pro-wrestling was new to him when he debuted, he knew how to make seats fill. Also, when he entered the ring, his grand entrance made the fans in the arena much more excited to see the match.

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