“He Had No Reason to Keep Me Around”: 14-Time World Champion Opens Up About His Relationship With Vince McMahon

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Randy Orton, at the age of 22, was the youngest wrestler to make his WWE debut. The Viper has completed his 20-year career in WWE and has solidified his position as a WWE legend. In addition, he is also the current Tag Team champion.

WWE treated last week as Orton Week, commemorating The Apex Predator’s legendary career.

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 23: Randy Orton enters the ring at the WWE SummerSlam 2015 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on August 23, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

In addition, he had given an interview to Metro.co.uk, where The Viper addressed his relationship with Vince McMahon. He stated, “Yeah, it’s totally changed over the years. We had a weird–not weird, but a different kind of relationship. Early on, I was getting in trouble a lot and there was a lot of times I had go to the principal’s office.”

“I used to dread it. For some reason, I’d always leave that office and I’d go back to the locker room and I’d be on the show that night. He had no reason to keep me around with some of the s**t that I was pulling. Some of it was just dumb, immature kid s**t.”

He further added that McMahon has seen him at his worst when he’s had public meltdowns and breakdowns.
He banged his head against the wall in front of him. Additionally, he feels there is more man-to-man respect between him and McMahon after 20 years of knowing him.

John Cena congratulated Randy Orton on completing 20 years

Randy Orton had many intense feuds in his career. However, one of his greatest feuds was with WWE legend John Cena. On the occasion of The Viper’s 20th anniversary, Cena congratulated Orton on completing his legendary 20 years in WWE.



Cena on Twitter wrote, “For 20 years @RandyOrton has cemented his legacy as 1 of the greatest @WWE Superstars ever. I have the utmost respect for every achievement he’s earned & CONTINUES to earn. But my genuine love & admiration for him is in his maturity & growth as a human being. Here’s to RKO!”

Cena and Orton had battled numerous times. However, the championship unification battle is one of their most iconic matches to date and it was one of the greatest TLC matches ever been fought in the history of WWE.

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