WWE Legend Ric Flair Reveals Inspiring Story of Getting Back to the Gym After a Life-Threatening Surgery: “My Testosterone Level Was 23”

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Being a part of the WWE means the Superstars have to stay in shape at all times. Even the WWE Legends such as Ric Flair had to make sure they didn’t go off-track.

During a conversation with Mark Madden, Flair revealed that he couldn’t break away from the routine. So, regardless of what happened, he would make sure to follow a routine to keep up his physique.

“At some point in the day, every day, I did 500 free squats, 250 push-ups.”

Of course, he followed a diet and went to the gym. However, in the off chance that he couldn’t, the squats and push-ups were an absolute must!

When he had surgery for the stoma, he hadn’t worked out for a year.

“My testosterone level was 23. I just had to figure out a way to get myself on my feet.”

Ric Flair continues to hit the gym at his current age

Even though ‘The Nature Boy’ isn’t actively working with any wrestling promotion, he hasn’t given up on fitness.

Now, the weight he lifts has reduced, but that didn’t stop him from hitting the iron. Whenever he has the chance, he goes to the fitness facilities and works out. It’s a good way to ensure that his physical health remains in good shape.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 18: Ric Flair onstage at State Farm Arena on October 18, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

It’s unknown if he still practices any form of wrestling or combat sports from time to time to remain in touch with his former self.

Coming to his time with WWE, the latest report was that Flair left the company because of his problems with Nick Khan and not Vince McMahon.

ATHENS, GA – SEPTEMBER 29: Rick Flair during the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Tennessee Volunteers on September 29, 2018 at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Keeping that in mind, he believes he may not be allowed to be at WrestleMania 38. However, in case Stone Cold Steve Austin returns, he doesn’t want to miss that. Hence, ‘The Nature Boy’ has already hatched a plan to outsmart Nick Khan.

He revealed he rented his private box at the AT&T Stadium, and that’s one way he will make sure to be at the venue during WrestleMania 38.

It’s interesting to note that Ric Flair will deliberately run Nick Khan the wrong way despite the fact that his daughter Charlotte Flair still works with WWE. Maybe he knows that none of his actions will affect The Queen’s WWE career considering the heights she has reached within the company!

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