Who Should Have Ended Goldberg’s Undefeated Streak In WCW?

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One of the biggest angles in WCW history saw Goldberg go on an unforgettable undefeated streak. He legitimately worked his way up the card until he was a main eventer toting the WCW Championship around his waist and a no-less-impressive spotless win-loss record in his shoulders. No wrestler can go unbeaten forever, though. That raises the question of who should have been the one to end Goldberg’s streak?

The Story Of Goldberg’s WCW Streak

Goldberg WCW Champion

Goldberg showed up in WCW without a ton of fanfare. He had little by way of gimmick, wearing plain black gear and not even cutting promos. However, he organically developed a groundswell of support from fans by quietly crushing opponent after opponent across weeks of Monday Nitro.

Before long, Goldberg found himself as United States Champion, before beating Hollywood Hogan on a memorable episode of Nitro (after beating Scott Hall earlier in the show) to be crowned World Heavyweight Champion. Goldberg would go on to extend the list of wrestlers he defeated in his streak, successfully defending the title against increasingly steep competition over the half year to follow, including Curt Hennig, The Giant, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Diamond Dallas Page.

The Candidates To End Goldberg’s Streak

DDP Bret Hart WCW

Not just anyone could believably or coherently be booked to end Goldberg’s undefeated streak. Such a wrestler had to either be built up or, more likely, already be established as a bona fide main eventer. The ideal circumstance would probably see such an individual defeat Goldberg in an intense, competitive match, and set up rematches in which the two might trade victories.

Diamond Dallas Page would have been one of the more viable choices for this win. He had organically gotten over with WCW fans over the Monday Night War and his Diamond Cutter was incredibly over. Indeed, if fans would buy one finisher keeping Goldberg down for a three count, this would’ve been it, while leaving plenty of room for doubt as to whether DDP were actually the better man. Page lost his title match with Goldberg at Halloween Havoc, though. Hollywood Hogan or Bret Hart also would’ve had the built-in credibility to take the belt off Goldberg, or one step down from them stood Sting, Randy Savage, or Lex Luger. Of course, Kevin Nash was also an option. While Nash actually being the one to end the streak at Starrcade 1998 was pretty controversial, Nash and Eric Bischoff were both also correct in their shoot assessments looking back on the choice, that someone had to beat Goldberg, and only a handful of talents were positioned to credibly do so. Big Sexy was on that short list.

Who Should Have Ended Goldberg’s Streak

Booker T Scott Steiner WCW

Hindsight is 20/20. The reasons fans tend to look back on Kevin Nash beating Goldberg with such disdain have less to do with it being an objectively bad call. than the messiness of Nash being in a position of creative power around that time (and so, the allegation that he booked himself to be the conquering champion). All the more so, fans resent that Nash dropped the title shortly after via the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom, devaluing the title, returning Hollywood Hogan to the top, and rebooting the tired nWo angle all in one fell swoop.

There were entirely different directions WCW might have chosen, though. The year 2000 would see the rise of WCW’s final two homegrown main eventers as Booker T and Scott Steiner each won their first world titles. How much more might it have meant to either man’s career to have won that title by beating Goldberg and ending the streak? Not so different from Nash, Steiner might have had some heel tactics to help him in the process. Meanwhile, Booker could have been a made man as the new face of the company if he survived a hard fought war with Goldberg, only to pin him off a Book End or Axe Kick. That’s not to mention that, in either case, the victory might have meant even more after Goldberg had reigned as world champion for a full year or more.

There’s no objectively right answer to the question of who should have ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak in WCW. All we know for sure is that fans weren’t happy with how things went down in actuality, with Kevin Nash prevailing. Regardless of how it finished, though, Goldberg’s streak remained an important part of wrestling history—one of WCW’s best remembered angles and the foundation for Goldberg to be a legend in WWE up to the present.

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