5 shocking matches WWE could be planning for Goldberg at SummerSlam

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One cannot deny that Bill Goldberg is one of the greatest performers to ever grace the squared circle, let alone Vince McMahon’s billion-dollar company WWE.

The man has earned his reputation in the business and still possesses the hunger to compete against some of the most talented Superstars between the ropes.


As much as people adore Goldberg for his iconic persona, his last encounter with The Undertaker at Super ShowDown was a shocking disappointment.

Though the pacing of the match was expected to be slow, nobody ever expected the two to connect in such distressing fashion.

Since the match received huge backlash on social media, with the fans wanting the two legends to hang up their boots, there’s a genuine possibility that Goldberg could follow The Undertaker’s route and return back for another outing.

With speculations running wild of WWE possibly wanting Goldberg to return for a clash at the Biggest Party of the Summer, it is Dolph Ziggler who has been suggested as the ideal choice.

However, with Vince McMahon always making alterations to his match-card, many Superstars could step up and vow to test themselves against the WWE Hall of Famer.

Who could they be? Let’s find out. Here are the 5 matches WWE could be planning for Goldberg at SummerSlam.

#1 Roman Reigns vs Goldberg

This could be a marquee match
This could be a marquee match

Roman Reigns, who is still heading into the Biggest Party of the Summer without an opponent could be the ideal challenger to test his limits against Goldberg.

Both the Superstars have confronted each other before, but have never gone toe-to-toe to find out whose spear is the more destructive one.

Considering that Vince McMahon would want the spotlight to be on The Big Dog at the biggest event of the summer, a marquee encounter with The Icon could make mainstream headlines.

‘The battle of the spears’ could make for some interesting marketability as well.

#2 Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg

The most overlooked performer of this generation
The most overlooked performer of this generation


As much as everyone loves the world Vince McMahon had created with his very own vision, the company’s creative input in building legitimate Superstars has been poor.

Whilst guys like Stone Cold, The Rock, and John Cena became incredibly popular, Superstars like Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, and Cesaro are still struggling to find their footing on the main roster.

Despite being a veteran in the business, Ziggler may never receive the respect he deserves. However, he could be in line for a major push and his intense confrontation with Shawn Michaels on this week’s SmackDown Live was only an indicator of the future.

Considering that the former World Champion did not waste any time in ridiculing Goldberg’s in-ring abilities, it makes legitimate sense for The Icon to return and go on a collision course with Ziggler at SummerSlam.

Judging by how Goldberg’s matches usually conclude nowadays, squashing Ziggler won’t come as a surprise to us.

#3 The New Daniel Bryan vs Goldberg

What a match this could be
What a match this could be

If there’s a WWE superstar who could get the audience’s hyped for another Goldberg match and make him look like a million bucks, it is Daniel Bryan. The former WWE Champion has been excellent ever since he turned heel and has left no stone unturned in ridiculing the WWE Universe’s opinions.

Since Bryan is still yet to make his career-altering announcement, challenging The Icon at the SummerSlam could make for some interesting headlines.

A dream encounter between the two could be massive and with Bryan’s versatility as a performer, he could carry Goldberg to a good match in Toronto.

Moreover, the intense confrontations could really bolster the ratings on the Blue Brand and would certainly give Bryan the challenge to get the audience’s invested for another Goldberg encounter.

#4 Samoa Joe Vs. Goldberg

Will Samoa Joe step up?
Will Samoa Joe step up?


Another WWE superstar who could make a match with Goldberg believable and authentic is none other than the former United States Champion, Samoa Joe.

While it’s heartbreaking to see Joe not being used as a legitimate main event threat, his mic work and intensity whilst delivering it could really gravitate the audience’s attention.

Since The Destroyer has been successful in getting under his opponents’ skin with his personal comments, a feud with Goldberg could be phenomenal.

Imagine Joe savagely assaulting The Icon and throwing personal comments on the former World Champion’s family. It would make for some quality television and would only increase the audience’s investment in seeing the two beat the holy hell out of each other.

The company could give them a similar treatment as they did to Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar. Booking Joe like a savage beast against a returning Goldberg could just be the feud that could bolster this year’s SummerSlam.

#5 Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg

Can McIntyre handle The Icon?
Can McIntyre handle The Icon?

As much as I love Drew McIntyre, it’s unfortunate that Vince McMahon and his creative team have not yet pushed him as the biggest heel on the main roster.

Things looked pretty decent in the initial stages of McIntyre’s run, but losing to Roman Reigns at The Grandest Stage of Them All really took away all the momentum McIntyre had.

Since he’s roaming without a legitimate opponent for Summer Slam, a potential clash with Bill Goldberg this summer could very well give him some quality television time.

The resurrection of The Scottish Terminator is a necessity and if the company does book him like a force to reckon with, he could be the ideal candidate to embarrass Goldberg at the biggest party of the summer.

Even if Vince McMahon wants Goldberg to return with a bang and win his match, presenting McIntyre as an equally strong antagonist could help his career big time.

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