“He Didn’t Mention Brock or Austin” Mick Foley Reacts to Not Being Mentioned in the Speech of The Undertaker

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The Undertaker took his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame earlier last month. For a career that spanned 30 years in WWE, this was a legendary moment for both The Deadman and for the fans.

The Phenom gave a heartwarming speech at the Hall of Fame ceremony which brought many into tears and even made some people nostalgic. However, Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle Foley later shared her disappointment over ‘The Deadman’ not mentioning her father in the speech.

Noelle Foley shared how Taker and Foley had some splendid matches and moments in WWE. So, her father deserved to be in the speech The Phenom gave.

Mick Foley gives his opinion of the speech of The Undertaker

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley appeared in an interview on In the Kliq podcast hosted by Baby Huey. They discussed majorly the current affairs in professional wrestling, also Foley opened up about The Undertaker not mentioning him in his Hall of Fame speech.

Foley said, “Well, listen, I forgot to mention my wife during my speech, so I’m not one to lecture anybody about who they should and should not include in their speech. I was not there in those formative years and his was more about friendship and support.”

He added, “We had a great rivalry, but he didn’t mention Rock or Austin, and he and Austin had some classics as well. So if I’m not hurt, no one can be hurt on behalf of me.”

Mick Foley isn’t sad or disappointed regarding Taker not mentioning him in his speech. The Hardcore Legend specified what The Undertaker wanted to share in his speech and it was about friendship.

Foley and Taker have great respect for each other and their respective contributions to WWE. However, Foley stated Taker wanted to mention his friends and family, which he did. There is no reason to get hurt if Taker did not mention Foley in the speech.

A dive into The Deadman and Mankind’s infamous Hell in a Cell match

This match may be the primary reason it hurt fans that Mick Foley was not mentioned in the Undertaker’s speech. Their Hell in a Cell match holds a different place in the hearts of the WWE Universe and many Superstars.

They directly started the match on the top of the steel structure. The heart-stopping moment was when Taker threw Foley from over 20ft on the commentator’s table. Foley stood up and again went on the top, and this had an unplanned fall in the ring from the top.

Several WWE officials came out to stop the match, but The Hardcore Legend came back and ended the match. Foley already had a tooth pierced through his nose. Still, he took a chokeslam and a tombstone piledriver on the thumbtacks and finally got pinned by The Undertaker.

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