Unsurprisingly, he realized it again. Goldberg was audacious at WWE Crown Jewel after eradicating Bobby Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The legend had his grip on him, but one might wonder, who will emphasize him next?

Hinge on his eminent staging at Crown Jewel, Goldberg will probably wrestle a couple more matches in WWE. It is earthly to ensue at the next Saudi Arabian pay-per-view. Respective contemporaneous stars can escalate to the WWE Hall of Fame, some of whom hitherto have an integrated story with him.

Goldberg can expect an enthralling match from these opponents. WWE should scrutinize laying down any of them in the ring with the Universal Champion preparatory to his everlasting retirement.

In such circumstances, here are five opponents for Goldberg after his win over Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewels.

Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg – A WrestleMania match that never ensued

First, the match that should transpire at previous year’s WrestleMania. Goldberg was contemplating defending the Universal Championship in opposition to Roman Reigns at The Show of Shows preparatory to the latter heaving out of the event owing to an intensifying health risk.

With the Tribal Chiefs totally running WWE right now, it seems like just a question of time before this match occurs. Reigns can pulverize Goldberg following an engaging five-minute match at the next Saudi Supercard.

Likewise, Paul Heyman will probably have an enormous impact in the fight between the two, as he apparently had in the development of WrestleMania 36. So expect Roman Reigns to work at his present level, inverse Goldberg, on the off chance that they wind up confronting each other soon.

Seth Rollins might quarrel with another WWE Hall of Fame after Edge

Seth Rollins just finished an epic competition with WWE Hall of Fame Edge at Crown Jewel in a fierce Hell in a Cell Match. While he lost the match, The Architect’s stock is still a beautiful high. Rollins could before long pursue another Hall of Famer.

A match between him and Goldberg might be somewhat of an odd blending, but it would pay off. The previous WCW symbol would look amazing inverse a specialist vendor like Seth Rollins, in spite of the fact that he ought not to dominate the game.

Riddle can confront Goldberg

In one of the most interesting circumstances Goldberg can wind up in WWE, a match with Riddle would be a remarkable exhibition. Nearly however much The King of Bros riding a camel in the ring.

Goldberg and Riddle have not agreed, however, and it seems like the two have made peace behind the stage at SummerSlam. In the event that the WWE Hall of Famer is available, a program between him and Riddle would be touchy. They can zero in on the genuine pressure between the pair, with either Superstar is going over.

A match against Goldberg would be an extraordinary way for Riddle to keep his energy after his label group with Randy Orton unavoidably explodes.

AJ Styles would give Goldberg his most noteworthy ever WWE match

One of a handful of WWE principal events who wouldn’t be excessively harmed by a loss to Goldberg, AJ Styles may give the legend his best in-ring match of all time. The Phenomenal One is as yet fit as a fiddle and doesn’t have a lot happening after he and Omos lost their RAW Tag Team title rematch to RK-Bro at Crown Jewel.

Styles would sell Goldberg’s offending impeccably, causing him to feel like the damaging hero he used to be. The Boneyard Match will be the in-ring variant of the Boneyard Match. Seeing the WWE Hall of Famer attempt to battle Om OS also makes for one amazing visual.

WWE Champion Big E wants to wrestle Goldberg

It was the greatest WWE dream match, and Goldberg was hanging tight for him at the time, as Big E has constantly referenced that he needs to confront the Hall of Famer. With the New Day party prevailing as WWE Champion, this match needs to occur in 2022.

Large E has spoken with regards to how he likes “huge substantial men slapping meat” over five-star matches, which totally fits the expected challenge with Goldberg. It would be pretty much as physical as any match, including either star, loaded up with lances, jackhammers, or big endings aplenty.

While it would be an extraordinary headliner for Super ShowDown a year from now, there is a sufficient story for Big E versus Goldberg to occur at WrestleMania 38. That is if the WCW symbol risks his profession.

Seeing Goldberg absolutely resign because of a WWE superstar who revered him would be an idyllic closure to his profession. A success like this could cement Big E’s reality title rules and build him up as a long-lasting primary adventure.

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