10 WWE Wrestlers Who Returned With A Suspiciously ‘Roided’ Body!

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WWE matches often come with a stipulation, but most don’t have a wrestler’s job on the line. Here are 10 wrestlers who lost a Loser Leaves WWE match!

In the world of professional wrestling, fans know to “never say never.” They have also learned that when a wrestler says that they are retired, they very rarely ever actually retire. In fact, whether a wrestler has left WWE voluntarily or has been “fired”, there is either a reason behind-the-scenes that requires them to take a break or there is a storyline reason which will ensure they return promptly.

WWE has used the “You’re Fired” trope many times through the years to help as a selling point of matches. Sometimes the wrestlers do stick to it, but other times they are back on television after only a couple of weeks. Vince McMahon’s ferocious growl of “You’re Fired” is something fans know all too well. But the real question is – do fans remember those Superstars who were fired for losing?

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