6 WWE Wrestlers Stone Cold Steve Austin He LOVES & 7 He HATES (Enemies) in Real Life

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Any list of the greatest professional wrestlers in history can pretty much be discredited if Stone Cold Steve Austin is not at or near the top. He may not have had the longest career and he may not have been a great technical wrestler,

but his attitude and charisma could instantly sell out any event he appeared on the card for. Even Vince McMahon himself has gone on record to call him the most profitable wrestler ever.

Essentially the Attitude Era equivalent of Hulk Hogan and John Cena, Steve Austin spent most of his run as the face of the company, even with formidable competition from The Rock. However, unlike Cena and Hogan, Austin’s reputation isn’t marred by rampant backstage politicking or putting on nearly the same exact match way too often. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have his part in making a few enemies in the wrestling business.

For however many fellow legends of wrestling give all the respect they can to Stone Cold Steve Austin as a man who completely revolutionized the business, there are many others who aren’t quite as keen about The Texas Rattlesnake. When you remember incidents like walking out on the company or accusations of domestic abuse, this shouldn’t really be surprising. But some of the reasons for these wrestlers’ resentment of Austin does shine an unflattering light on him.

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With so much to celebrate about Stone Cold, but also much to shun him for, let’s take a look at 8 wrestlers who loved Stone Cold, and 8 who hated him.

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