”He is the Brock Lesnar now”- Why WWE doesn’t want top star to lose matches – Reports

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Brock Lesnar has been the epitome of a ‘monster’ in WWE for the past few years. However, ever since Roman Reigns embraced the Tribal Chief persona he has been unstoppable. Reigns has become the new Brock Lesnar and will continue to be portrayed as an impregnable force in the near future.

Roman Reigns’ last match was against RAW’s WWE Champion Big E at Survivor Series. The Tribal Chief defeated Big E, and some fans were not happy that Reigns went over Big E in that fashion. However, it is reported that WWE is building Reigns as a monster heel and it is unlikely he will lose to anyone till WWE is ready for him to lose the title.

Andrew Zarian of Mat Men commented on the criticism WWE got for having Reigns go over Big E at Survivor Series. He stated that WWE’s current storyline is to build Roman Reigns as the indestructible heel Brock Lesnar once was. He said that the reason Reigns is not losing any matches is that the company wants to protect his image.

”Why would Roman lose? The whole story is that he is a monster. He is the Brock Lesnar now. He is undefeated. He has been the champion for over 400 days. This guy is not going to lose and he is going to continue winning until someone dethrones him. Maybe the guy who dethrones him is Drew McIntyre,” said Zarian.


When will Brock Lesnar face Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have had a long rivalry over the years and are set to clash once again at Day One. The two men faced each other at Crown Jewel earlier this year with Reigns coming out on top.

It is being reported that WWE plans to have a series of matches between their two biggest stars and their match in January will just be one of the many set to happen next year.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Heyman could turn on Reigns and help The Beast Incarnate win the Universal title to further the program. He drew parallels to Survivor Series 2002, where the legendary manager turned on a young Lesnar and helped The Big Show win the WWE Championship.

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