How Serious is Triple H’s Heart Case?

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The tragic news of WWE Hall of Famer Triple H retiring shocked the wrestling world. Unfortunately, The Game had no choice but to put an end to his legendary wrestling career. Chiefly, the reason is that Triple H suffered some problems with his heart, which makes him unable to compete. The Cerebral Assassin’s condition is terrifying, to say the least.

Triple H did not have a very active in-ring role in WWE recently. However, he was instrumental in producing WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. This was until late 2021 when The Game announced he had suffered a massive cardiac event. Consequently, this forced him to step back from his WWE duties immediately, leaving his in-ring future in the air.


The horrifying details of Triple H’s heart condition

Triple H recently appeared on First Take with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN. In the interview, he gave shocking details of his health condition. He revealed that he had viral pneumonia, which led to inflammation in his lungs. The Game further revealed that he started coughing blood, and soon found out there was fluid built up around his heart and lungs.

The Game was soon told that he was at risk of having serious heart failure, and he was immediately hospitalized. He went on to give gory details of how he felt as this nearly ended his life. Triple H said.

“I was nosediving and sort of at the one-yard line of where you don’t want to be for your family and your future.” Triple H added. “There’s moments in there where, when they’re putting you out for stuff, you think, is this it? Do you wake up from this? That’s tough to swallow.”

Triple H revealed that he was extremely worried, not only for his own health but for the impact of everything on his children. The Game has three children with his wife, Stephanie McMahon. However, Triple H described what he had learned from the terrifying ordeal.

“It makes you think differently about life. It doesn’t make you any less driven for the things that you do, but it certainly makes you appreciate the things that you have more.”

The Game revealed that he now has a defibrillator in his heart. This has ruled out him ever wrestling in the ring again. While his retirement comes as a great heartbreak for his fans, The Game’s health is what truly matters. He has built a legacy in WWE that will never be matched nor forgotten.

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