5 recent news and rumors about Brock Lesnar: Possible spoiler for Roman Reigns match, head-to-head with AEW, scheduled appearance on Joe Rogan Experience

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE after a 1-year hiatus at this year’s SummerSlam, setting up a feud with Roman Reigns and his long-time advocate Paul Heyman. Lesnar will challenge The Tribal Chief for the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel in one of the biggest matches of the year.

This post will round up some of the biggest rumors and news stories about The Beast Incarnate from last week. We’ll shed light on possible spoilers for his future after Crown Jewel and a possible appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Lesnar is also scheduled to be part of a supersized Smackdown that will go head-to-head with AEW Rampage, which will feature a match between CM Punk and Matt Sydal.

#5 What is Brock Lesnar’s immediate future?

Reports state that WWE hasn’t scheduled Brock Lesnar to appear on any shows this calendar year after Crown Jewel. This could indicate that Roman Reigns will retain the Universal Championship in Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar’s next advertised appearance is at the 2021 Royal Rumble, but it’s currently unknown whether he’ll participate in the titular match or resume his feud with Reigns.

Lesnar and Reigns have had numerous encounters over the years. But their upcoming face-off will have a twist as Paul Heyman stands in The Tribal Chief’s corner. The build-up to the match has centered around Heyman’s split loyalties and has been one of WWE’s most compelling storylines this year.

#4 Supersized SmackDown will go head-to-head with AEW Rampage


Brock Lesnar will appear on the supersized episode of SmackDown on October 15, 2021, to promote his match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. The show will air on FS1 and run for an extra 30 minutes without commercials.

The additional half an hour will go head-to-head with AEW Rampage, which will be built around CM Punk vs Matt Sydal. Tony Khan issued a declaration of war as soon as the story broke, stating his eagerness to beat WWE’s main show. Dynamite has pipped Raw in the 18-49 demographic a few times in recent weeks.

#3 Brock Lesnar scheduled to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience

Brock Lesnar is on the unofficial list of upcoming guests on the Joe Rogan Experience. Hosted by UFC commentator Joe Rogan, the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

Over the years, massive celebrities such as Kanye West, Robert Downey Jr., and Elon Musk have appeared on the podcast.

As one of the most popular fighters in UFC history, Lesnar is of particular interest to Rogan. They nearly worked out an appearance in 2018, but those plans fell through. A heart-to-heart conversation between the former UFC fighter and the current UFC commentator sounds like a mouth-watering experience.

#2 Kurt Angle speculates an MMA fight with Brock Lesnar

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar had an extended storyline in WWE. When they worked together, the two stars bonded over their amateur wrestling backgrounds and developed a mutual admiration.

The Olympic Gold Medalist said that he would have been unwilling to fight Lesnar inside an Octagon due to their camaraderie unless he was offered an enormous sum of money.

“I would not want to fight Brock Lesnar out of respect for him and the friendship we had. But if the money were right, I know he would want to fight me and I know I would want to fight him too. It is all about money. Sometimes it kind of sucks, you can’t take that personally because you’re trying to provide money to take care of them. That comes first before friendship, so I’m sure Brock Lesnar and I, if they would’ve gave us the right figure, we probably would’ve went at it [sic],” said Kurt Angle.

Angle has previously considered competing in MMA. He was in negotiations with UFC President Dana White to appear in season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter, but talks fell through after the former WWE Champion couldn’t clear his medical.

#1 Kevin Kelly wants Bron Breakker to learn from Brock Lesnar


Bron Breakker, son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner, is one of the hottest prospects in NXT. Though he’s just 23 years old and new to professional wrestling, the precocious Breakker is being projected as WWE’s next big star.

The second-generation performer challenged Tomasso Ciampa for the NXT Championship on the latest episode of NXT 2.0. During the segment, he showcased spirit and conveyed his conviction to the audience in a brief promo.

Fred Rosser III, who performed in WWE as Darren Young, said that he loved Breakker’s cadence and wants him to eventually go off script. Former WWE announcer Kevin Kelly chimed in stating that everything would fall into place for Breakker after he spent some time with Brock Lesnar.

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