Hulk Hogan Threatens Wrestling Fans Coming Close to His Daughter Brooke Hogan

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Hulk Hogan is someone who is quite active on social media. The Hulkster even made some posts in the past related to his children on Facebook. A few days earlier, Hogan told the fans to not to get too friendly with her daughter Brooke Hogan at the MegaCon Convention 2022.

A week ago, Alpha Omega announced Brooke Hogan as their exclusive guest at MegaCon Convention 2022 last week in Orlando. Fans had the opportunity to get autographs and have some pictures with Brooke Hogan.

In reply to that post, Hulk Hogan noted that if anyone gets too friendly with her daughter at the event, he will break them in half.

In his Facebook post, Hogan wrote, “Brookemania will be runnin wild at #megaconorlando so stop by and get your pictures and autos, but make sure you don’t get too friendly or I’ll break you in half brother!!!!”.

Though Brooke Hogan is not a professional wrestler like her father, she is also a star. And thus, fans will love to get photographs with Brooke Hogan. The Hulkster‘s daughter is a media personality, actress, single and model. Not to forget, she appeared in WWE and Impact Wrestling alongside her father, Hulk Hogan.

Is Hulk Hogan making his in-ring return later this year?

It has been a long time since the fans saw Hulk Hogan in action. At 68 years of age, it is unlikely that he is going to return to in-ring action. Recently, there have been rumors Hogan is going to be Ric Flair‘s opponent at the Starrcast V event.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE star B. Brian Blair took Hogan’s name while talking about Flair’s last match. When directly asked if Hogan will be Flair’s opponent, Blair hesitated at first and then claimed it as a rumor that he read online.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are two of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. And if Hogan vs Flair really happens, it will be a treat for the fans. But they will also be worried about their health. Both of them are over 60+ and have had health issues in the past.

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