WATCH: Hulk Hogan’s Son Nick Hogan Becomes a DJ, Hulkster and His Girlfriend Can’t Stop Grooving

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The Hulkster is still the most popular WWE superstar. Whenever Hulk Hogan is at the arena, fans still go crazy as soon as his music hits. His last run as a wrestler came in TNA, now Impact Wrestling post, after which he retired from in-ring competition.

Alongside wrestling full time, Hogan opened a lot of restaurants and bars. We can mostly see Hogan at his Florida restaurant outlet. He also makes sporadic returns to WWE and has made a few appearances for the company.

Recently, Hulk Hogan was live on Facebook from his beach restaurant. He was seen enjoying with his girlfriend at his bar, while his son, Nick Hogan, was playing the DJ.

Hogan and Sky Daily were having some beers and enjoying the DJ. Also, both were greeting the guests while making it sure everyone one is comfortable. Nick has a proper timing of using proper beats at proper time, the reason the guest and The Hulkster were grooving over it.

The father and son duo have been spotted enjoying at Hogan’s Hangout restaurant several times on various occasions. The Hulkster mainly performs the host duties and his son is on the DJ counter handling the music for the night.

Hulk Hogan often keeps karaoke nights or DJ nights at his restaurant. The major night events are mainly on Monday and Thursday nights. Moreover, Hogan’s wrestling friends, including WWE legend Ric Flair, are often seen there enjoying and singing.

Hogan has kept himself busy after his wrestling career got over. He opened his restaurant, which is also a beach shop where people can buy beach accessories and Hogan merchandises. Moreover, Hogan also makes sporadic returns to WWE most often to promote a match or to talk about a huge WWE storyline that requires legend’s take.

Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend enjoys Eminem’s famous song

Few days back, Hogan posted a video of him on Facebook from his Hogan’s Hangout restaurant. This was when WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal was present at Hogan’s restaurant.

A fan was singing ‘Lose Yourself by Eminem,’ while Hulk Hogan was enjoying to it. Hogan was along with his girlfriend Sky Daily having beer and was cheering the fan for his effort to sing the Oscar winning song.

When the fan was done singing, The Hulkster appreciated him by a fist bump for coming up and singing. The fan made a different vibe at the restaurant, as everyone, including Hogan, enjoyed the song.

Hogan is indeed enjoying his retirement days after making a name in a long and illustrious pro-wrestling career. Also, with him often challenging The Nature Boy Ric Flair in karaoke, Hogan has kept a healthy competition, which both the Hall of Famers cherish and enjoy.

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