”I brought him in to replace me”- Paul Heyman hired top RAW superstar after Brock Lesnar’s time started “winding down”

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Paul Heyman is without a doubt one of the best on the microphone. He has managed top names like Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and Roman Reigns, among others, during his WWE run. However, Heyman hired MVP as his own replacement in the company.

The Advocate was the creative head of RAW when MVP returned to WWE in 2020. Though MVP was initially brought in for the Royal Rumble and another appearance on RAW, it turned out to be a resurgence of the former US Champion’s career, all thanks to Paul Heyman.

Speaking on the The Masked Man Show, Roman Reigns’ special counsel revealed that he looked at MVP as his successor as the lead mouthpiece in the company. Once Heyman realized his on-screen role as Lesnar’s advocate was going to diminish, he wanted MVP to become the next big-time manager.

“I also knew that Brock’s time was winding down, he was going to go home for a while, and that the lead mouthpiece position was going to be opened up, so I brought him in to replace me,” said Heyman. “I brought him in as my successor. I brought him in to carry that role on because there were a few people that were helping someone do a promo, but they weren’t doing the role of the old school manager, the new school advocate.”

Ironically, after a brief hiatus, Heyman returned to WWE TV later in 2020 and joined forces with Reigns. He has retained his spot as one of the best managers in the wrestling world ever since.

MVP has become Bobby Lashley’s mouthpiece like Heyman was Brock Lesnar’s

MVP has not only reinvigorated his own career, but he has also helped Bobby Lashley finally reach the next level as a top superstar in WWE. MVP and Lashley’s pairing has often been compared to that of Heyman and Lesnar. The Advocate discussed this similarity in the same interview by stating that he knew the two men would work well together.

”I knew that Lashley and MVP had such synergy and such chemistry that putting them together, you couldn’t imagine Bobby Lashley without MVP or MVP without Bobby Lashley,” said Heyman. “I knew that dynamic would be, forget about it being gold, it would be platinum.”

Join @The305MVP and @fightbobby as they usher in The All Mighty Era once again tomorrow night on #WWERawPaul Heyman recently re-aligned with Brock Lesnar before he betrayed The Beast Incarnate at WWE Royal Rumble. Now, once again, he serves as the Special Counsel to The Tribal Chief.

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