“I hope it goes all the way to WrestleMania” – WWE Hall of Famer wants to see Roman Reigns in a never-before dream match (Exclusive)am-match-exclusive/

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Former WCW Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page believes WWE could be planning to book Roman Reigns vs. The Rock to headline WrestleMania 39.

The latest episode of NBC’s hit sitcom, Young Rock, teased a matchup between The Brahma Bull and The Tribal Chief. The episode got fans speculating if WrestleMania 39 would be the venue for the dream match between the two Samoan superstars.

This week on The Bro Show, Page spoke about WWE possibly booking The Rock vs. Roman at WrestleMania next year. The WCW veteran suggested that The Great One could look to come back before WrestleMania 39 to take on Roman.

DDP also detailed how WWE was grooming Drew as the next big contender for Roman, and the two consistently had matches at live events.

Here’s what the Hall of Famer had to say:

“I think so. The Rock could come back anytime and Roman is the guy. They’re grooming Drew. I know this by talking to Cody, whenever they’re on the road and there are no cameras, it’s Drew and Roman every night. So people get to see the two biggest stars there. I hope it goes all the way to WrestleMania. That would be the dream push to get there. And I hope he keeps going.” (From 21: 47 – 22:35)

Roman Reigns laid waste to Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown

This past week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns came down to the ring with Paul Heyman and the rest of the Bloodline. The Tribal Chief claimed that he had done everything in WWE. He then turned his attention to The Usos and asked them to unify the tag team titles.

When Nakamura decided to interrupt the promo, Reigns welcomed The King of Strong Style to the Island of Relevancy and hugged him. This was immediately followed by a double Superkick by The Usos, leaving Nakamura lying in the middle of the ring.

It would be interesting to see if The Rock can make it out of his busy Hollywood schedule for one last match at ‘Mania. The match would make for a compelling culmination to WrestleMania 39 at the SoFi Stadium in LA.

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