“I’m happy for Bill” – Goldberg’s old friend reacts to him still getting world title matches in WWE (Exclusive)

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Goldberg has proven that he is still one of the biggest draws in professional wrestling as he has appeared sporadically for WWE over the past few years to feature in massive matches.

Fans have often raised issues with him still receiving world title opportunities as a 55-year-old wrestler, and Eric Bischoff was recently asked about his reactions to all the criticism during a special edition of the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards.

The former WCW boss would have never predicted almost 25 years ago that Goldberg would still be relevant in 2022. The two have shared a longstanding friendship, and their relationship has also had its ups and downs.

However, Bischoff was thrilled to see Goldberg compete at the highest level and revealed what motivated the former Universal Champion to continue in the business.

“Oh no, I would have never anticipated anything that is going on today 25 years ago, to be honest with you (laughs),” said Eric Bischoff. “But, you know, I’m happy for Bill. Bill is; he is just as intense of a personality today as he was when I first met him, 25 some odd years ago. He demands a lot of himself. He is a bit of a perfectionist, and I think the coolest part for me in kind of watching Bill is knowing how much satisfaction he is getting knowing that his son is able to watch him, watch Bill on that platform. I just know how good that makes Bill feel, and I’m happy for him as a result.” [4:38 – 5:37]

Is Goldberg done with WWE?

Goldberg last laced up his wrestling boots to take on Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event for the Universal Championship.

As expected, he put The Tribal Chief over in a brief match-up, and it was later revealed that the bout marked the end of the Hall of Famer’s WWE contract.


Goldberg reportedly had just one match left on his deal before Elimination Chamber and is currently a free agent who could technically negotiate with any wrestling company. The belief is that WWE will eventually re-sign him as he might still have a few chapters left in his career.

Who would you like to see Goldberg feud against if he does agree to make a WWE return? Sound off in the comments section below.

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