“It’s Good SH*T”: Vince McMahon’s Close Aide Talks WWE Exploiting Stephanie McMahon’s Pregnancy Angle

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Among all kinds of chaotic and controversial WWE storylines, the ones with weddings must have a top place. But there are worse, the ones that involve pregnancy. For the sake of the ‘soap opera’ element in the storylines, many superstars have been in fake and real plots trying to sentimentalize their personas.

However, the royal couple of WWE must have been the most used, in terms of such overdramatic in-ring scripts. The current Chief Brand Officer of WWE, Stephanie McMahon and WWE legend Triple H have their long-time relationship marketed since day one. Recently, former WWE producer and Vince McMahon’s close auxiliary, Bruce Prichard, talked about working with such histrionic pregnancy angles in his podcast.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have a relationship that has grown through their involvements in WWE plotlines. They had their fair share of problems, but in 2002, there was a messy storyline where the Billion Dollar Princess faked a pregnancy to ‘save her marriage’ with Hunter. Thus, on a SmackDown episode, McMahon appeared to convince her husband to renew their wedding vows.

Further, they did renew their relationship in the next Monday Night RAW and Helmsley found out the ‘lies’. Clearly, it felt like a bit overdramatic to the audience, but in the end, WWE only had benefits out of it.

Bruce Prichard gives his view on working with the pregnancy angle

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard reflected on so many things, including the Stephanie McMahon- HHH controversial plotlines and involving Kurt Angle in it as well. The host Conrad Thompson asked whether the fake pregnancy angle was a little too much of a ‘soap opera’ or a good thing. Prichard said, “it’s good s***. That’s what we do with soap opera.

Further, the former WWE executive shed some light on Kurt Angle’s involvement in the McMahon- Triple H relationship. In another SmackDown in Los Angeles, Kurt Angle interrupted the interview of Hunter and Stephanie McMahon when she was 8 weeks pregnant. Angle provoke H with a stuffed ape he calls The Game Jr, out of a baby carriage. Then the WWE legend attacks Angle heating more controversies.

Nevertheless, the Olympic Gold medallist’s comedic timing and performance on the ring were highly praised by Bruce Prichard. He said, “For Kurt to be this incredibly entertaining heel and still be one of the baddest humans to walk on the face of god’s green Earth at the time… Man, Kurt was just the best at what he did when he applied himself into.”

Such sentimental storylines definitely had mixed reactions from fans. But whatever the chaos that went on the stage, it only increased the rating of WWE.

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