Kurt Angle Reveals Former WWE Writer Got Convicted in Wrestlers Court for Favoring The Rock and Other Top Stars

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Kane were some of the biggest superstars during the attitude era. Their aura is still the same after 10+years as they have given fans memorable matches and promos which are still famous among the fans.

During the attitude era, WWE superstars had some freedom to add some spice to a promo by themselves, but the writers backstage would write the base. Some best writers backstage wrote the promos on the shows for the WWE superstars.

Recently, Kurt Angle on his YouTube show accompanied by Jon Alba spoke about the wrestlers’ court. The wrestlers’ court was a backstage court of all the WWE superstars to resolve any problem by one judge. The judge was The Undertaker, as he had the seniority in the locker room.

During that time, they once pulled the WWE writer Brian Gewirtz into the wrestlers’ court. He was accused by prosecuting attorney Bradshaw (JBL) for favoring to write only for The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and other top talents.

Angle said, “The judge was Undertaker and Brian had to go to court and facing Bradshaw, you’re not gonna win.”

Many wrestlers got a chance to speak up their minds at the court. Many were facing the same issue with Brian Gewirtz. Bradshaw, being the attorney, was a tough person to convince, and Brian had to defend himself.

Brain Gewirtz had the chemistry of working with The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho

Being a WWE writer, one does not get to choose the wrestlers they want to work with. There are 10-12 writers approximately and each of them writes for specific wrestlers. Similarly, Brian used to write for The Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Edge, and Christian.

He had a rhythm and the chemistry of working with them and so he wrote more for those wrestlers. Brian used to put little more for certain wrestlers with whom his chemistry worked.

In the end, there was a decision, and they fined Brian for this. As Kurt Angle said, the fine was, “In the end of the hearing, Brian had to buy five cases of beers for the wrestlers. So, at least they didn’t do anything physical to him. They only made him buy beer.”

It is known that the WWE wrestler court solved many problems in a good manner backstage for a long time. And the stories about the wrestler’s court still catch the fans’ attention.

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