John Cena Trends Alongside Ariana Grande as Fans React Hilariously to Viral Met Gala Photo

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WWE superstars in the company’s history. After Hulk Hogan, Cena was the ultimate babyface of WWE for over 10 years and still is whenever he returns.

Cena has seen various fan posters and online memes regarding his famous WWE catchphrase ‘You Can’t See Me’. These four words have become meme material over the years. It is always a delight to read any funny meme regarding this catchphrase.

Something similar happened at the Met Gala 2022 recently. The official Twitter handle of Met Gala posted a meme of empty stairs and the opposite cameraman is seen clicking some pictures of the same.

Whenever fans see any pictures with an empty landscape or no human is present in the picture, the fans automatically considered John Cena is present in there.


WWE fans who spotted the picture hijacked the comments section to completely fill it with Cena’s name. Cena was trending the whole time after they shared this picture on Twitter.

The fans make John Cena a trend during the Met Gala 2022

The “You Can’t See Me” catchphrase of Cena is very famous among the fans for making memes. The similar fans in the comment box shared some of the unique memes regarding the same.

This fan said, “John Cena has arrived at the met gala”


This fan said, “omg😍 John Cena is on theme”


This fan said, “Omg John Cena is here”


This fan said, “omg John Cena attended the met gala!”


Effie said, “John Cena at the met???”


This fan said, “John Cena at the metgala”


This fan shared a short video saying, “the number of people who understood the theme this year:”


What is Cena’s reaction to fans making his memes?

John Cena does the hand gesture and calls it You Can’t See Me. People in hip hop do it and Cena learned it from his brother and he always pays homage to him while doing this gesture. Cena once shared his reaction to a Buzzfeed video on YouTube regarding You Can’t See Me memes.

Cena said, “Now we come to the internet, and the internet was like, ‘We can’t see this guy.’ I don’t know why I became like invisible and the cool joke was either if I was in a picture I wasn’t, they’d be like OK, this is just a chair talking to you, or people would take their picture with John Cena, which was simply like, pointing at nothing, or if nothing was there, they’d be like, yo I can’t believe John Cena crashed our party.”

He added, “I did an interview before this where the audio technician pinned the mic on me and when he’s pinning the mic on me he’s like, ‘I didn’t know how to see where to put it.’ And I never get offended, I love hearing it, I think it’s extremely creative, it’s something that’s been in the internet cycle for so long, but it still never gets old.” 

Cena enjoys these unique and creative memes made on him every day. He thinks it keeps him relevant and fresh every time he is back to WWE. It’s a surprise that even in 2022 this meme feels fresh and unique whenever we see it.

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