AEW: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Lucha Bros

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The Lucha Bros are one of the most popular Mexican tag teams of the modern era, if not all time. The team is made up of two real brothers that are widely known as Rey Fenix and Pentagon El Zero Miedo. Anyone who’s paid any attention to wrestling over the last few years has surely seen at least one of their many title reigns for various high-profile companies.

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While the duo is often found as a team, both have proven that they can be singles stars. Most notably, Pentagon has actually held the Impact World Championship, and both brothers have held the Lucha Underground Championship. One could practically go on forever about their various Mexican wrestling accomplishments as well, but there’s still plenty more to learn about these two AEW stars.

10 There Isn’t Much The Pair Don’t Do Together

Lucha Bros AEW Tag Team Champions
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Whether a tag team is made up of legitimate brothers or not, it’s always nice to have a bit of private time away from one another. Despite that fact, The Lucha Bros seem to share many of their wrestling accomplishments together.

Both brothers supposedly began training on the same day, though information on their personal lives is closely guarded. It’s also said that the pair debuted on the same day (more on that later), but once again, verification of that fact is a bit difficult due to their relatively mysterious past.

Pentagon Jr.’s Full In-Ring Name Has An Unsurprising Meaning

Pentagon Jr

While Pentagon Jr. has gone by many different names over the years, he is most widely known as Pentagon El Cero/Zero Miedo. What those who don’t speak any Spanish may not know is that his name has a significant meaning.

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The name itself is translated as “zero fear” which is a fitting moniker for just about any exciting Lucha Libre wrestler. Many of the incredible spots that Pentagon has participated in throughout his career may make a lot more sense when people learn about his lack of fear.

The Brother’s Real Names Are Not Widely Known


Many wrestling fans love to partake in their favorite Lucha Libre promotions but may not know much about the actual culture of the wrestlers. Being a masked luchador and protecting their identity is actually incredibly important to fans of Mexican wrestling.

What most people may not know is that there aren’t many people who know the true names of either of the brothers. For many, the air of mystique surrounding The Lucha Bros is something that makes them a team that they’ll never miss watching whenever they appear.

The Pair Has An Impressive Amount Of Title Reigns Between Them

lucha bros
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Even if someone didn’t know who The Lucha Bros were, if they simply guessed they were a successful tag team, that would be an understatement. Despite plenty of tag team success, both wrestlers have seen plenty of singles success throughout their careers.

As a team, The Lucha Bros have enjoyed more than 10 tag team title reigns across various promotions, with potentially more reigns that aren’t recorded. Individually, both brothers have nearly 20 other title reigns each outside of their own incredible tag team success.

Pentagon Jr. Was Trained By Skayde

Pentagon Jr

With how difficult it is to find personal details about The Lucha Bros, it’s almost a shock to learn that Pentagon Jr. (and potentially Rey Fenix) was trained by the Mexican wrestler Skayde. While many may not know of Skayde, he is a champion-caliber talent in his own right.

Skayde was a world champion and multi-time welterweight champion for NWA Mexico while also picking up titles for other independent promotions. He’s wrestled against men like Cesaro and Bryan Danielson throughout his career, but he is most widely known for his training abilities.

Rey Fenix’s First Match Was In-Part Against His Brother

Rey Fenix in AEW

With how often the duo are seen grappling alongside one another instead of against each other, it may be a surprise to learn that Rey Fenix actually debuted against his brother Pentagon. While the details are hard to find, Rey was victorious over his brother.

Even though it would have only been the debut match for both brothers, it’s probably safe to say that the match was exciting. The match was apparently a tag team affair with Fenix teaming with El Nino De Fuego and Pentagon teaming with Black Star.

It Is Believed That The Pentagon Name Is Cursed

Pentagon Jr in Lucha Underground Cropped

The world of professional wrestling is filled with its own unique superstitions. One such superstition amongst Mexican wrestlers is that the Pentagon name is actually cursed. The rest of Pentagon’s name is actually in reference to his lack of fear over the curse.

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The reason the name is believed to be cursed is due to some great misfortune that befell other performers who utilized the name. Pentagon’s use of Cero Miedo in his name is to apparently show that he has no fear of any curses.

Rey Fenix Has Only Held Two-Man Tag Gold With One Other Wrestler

Rey Fenix in AEW

Even successful tag teams tend to split up every once in a while and win a few titles with some other competitors. It may come as a surprise that Rey Fenix has remained rather dedicated to succeeding with his brother instead of others.

Independent wrestling fans will likely know about the exciting wrestler AR Fox. He is the only other person (on record) that Fenix has ever won tag team gold specifically with, and the win was for a promotion known as AAW. As the Lucha Bros continue to progress as performers, this fact may change.

Rey Fenix Has Never Lost A Luchas De Apuestas Match

Rey Fenix MLW Tag Team Championship

There may be a significant portion of wrestling fans that don’t exactly know what a Luchas De Apuestas Match is. While the name refers to more of a style, the match type typically sees wrestlers putting a type of bet on their matches, usually a career or a mask.

The matches are often viewed as some of the most high-stakes match-types that a Mexican wrestler can compete in. Fenix has put his mask on the line in four separate occasions over the years, but he has managed to win each and every time.

The Pair Is Arguably Just As Impressive In Trios Teams

Lucha Bros

The Lucha Bros are such a successful team that one couldn’t be blamed for thinking that adding a third into the mix could spoil the magic a bit. On the contrary, The Lucha Bros seem to thrive even more with an exciting third added to round out a trios team.

While the pair tend to stick together, that trend changes when it comes to trios action. Pentagon has had plenty of exciting trios matches, usually with Sexy star at his side, while Fenix showed his fantastic skill with Aero Star and Drago on Lucha Underground. Fenix even managed to snag the trios championships with his team.

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