WWE Legend John Cena Calls For Peace Amidst Raging Ukraine-Russia Conflict

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John Cena is once again under the public eye with his recent tweet. Cena recently tweeted something regarding the current conflict going on between Ukraine and Russia and his tweet went viral. This is not the first time John has tweeted about a political and social issue and went viral.

This time Cena used his character on the TV show “Peacemaker” as a reference in the tweet.


John Cena is very active on his social media and often posts about many things beyond WWE and his Hollywood career. Cena mostly uses Twitter and Instagram to interact with his enormous fan base. He often gets big reactions from his followers.

Cena is a certified WWE Legend and has had one of the greatest careers in WWE. He is a 16-time World Champion in WWE and was the face of the company for nearly a decade in the early 2000s. Furthermore, John Cena remains one of the biggest draws in the company.

Moreover, Cena has achieved a lot outside WWE as well with his booming Hollywood career. Perhaps the biggest mark he has left on Hollywood is through his character “Peacemaker” which he plays in DC Extended Universe (DCEU). It is this very character whose reference he used in the viral tweet.

John Cena and his Peacemaker Character

There is no denying that John Cena has made a big name for himself in Hollywood. Cena has appeared in multiple movies, franchises, and TV series, but it seems like his superhero character “Peacemaker” is his biggest role yet.

Cena first appeared as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad movie released in 2021. His character received a lot of praise from fans and the industry alike. So much so that he now has his independent TV series Peacemaker on HBO. The show has completed its first season.

What do you make of what Cena had to say through his recent Tweet?

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