Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin Escape Fatal Accident in Unseen Spot at WrestleMania 38

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Stone Cold Steve Austin made his triumphant return to WWE at WrestleMania 38. After so much anticipation by the fans regarding his appearance after 19 years, he delivered an incredible match. However, there was an instance where things could have taken a turn for the worse. Both he and his opponent, Kevin Owens, avoided a major accident at WrestleMania.

After Kevin Owens cut an insulting promo on ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’, Stone Cold made his return. The crowd erupted as Austin emerged for the KO show. During the segment, Owens revealed he invited Austin as he wanted to challenge him to a match, more specifically, a No Holds Barred match.


To the delight of the fans, Stone Cold Steve Austin accepted the challenge and didn’t look like he missed a step. He controlled most of the match and made Owens consider escaping. However, that didn’t happen.

What could have caused major injury to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kevin Owens?

Stone Cold had come out in his signature style on an ATV. Owens tried to flee on that, but Austin took him for a ride. The crowd erupted at this scene unfolding, but what many people did not notice was that the stage had something dangerous on it.


Indeed, it seems like there was a pyrotechnics machine set up right where Austin and Owens were driving the ATV. In the picture it seems like their ATV narrowly missed the pyro setup. While ATV’s are generally sturdy, it could have tripped over the setup and caused major injuries to both WWE Superstars

It is unclear if they noticed it on their way back from the stage, but they did seemingly avoid catastrophe.

The Undertaker once got burned by a pyro mishap

While it is a relief that Stone Cold and Kevin Owens did not get injured from that machine, that is not always the case. A pyro mishap in WWE once caused a severe injury to WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker. Back at Elimination Chamber in 2010, The Undertaker was a victim of a massive pyro mishap as flames engulfed him during his entrance.

The Undertaker suffered burns on his skin due to this incident and was badly injured. However, to his credit, he still went on to compete in the match. These incidents show the true risks that WWE Superstars often unknowingly face.

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