“Ain’t no friend of mine” – Scott Steiner says he would “destroy” former WWE Champion in a match

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Scott Steiner is 59-years-old, but he’s confident of beating up Ric Flair in a match.

The Nature Boy is slated to come out of retirement for a match in July, and his opponent is yet to be disclosed. Ricky’ The Dragon’ Steamboat recently denied rumors of him returning to the ring to face Flair.

Alongside his brother Rick Steiner, Scott was a part of an online signing session with Highspots Superstore, and his past issues with Ric Flair were discussed.

Flair was labeled an “old friend’ of Scott’s,” and the latter was suggested as the mystery opponent. The recently-inducted WWE Hall of Famer quickly debunked the notion of friendship and claimed that everyone wants to witness Flair get beaten up.

He [Ric Flair] ain’t no old friend of mine. I would kill him [in the ring]. I’d destroy him. Yeah, everybody wants to see him get beat up,” Steiner said. (H/t POSTWrestling)

Scott Steiner has not had the best relations with Ric Flair over the years. Going by his latest comments, it seems like the two veterans still haven’t mended fences with each other.

Why does Scott Steiner have heat with Ric Flair?

Scott Steiner’s backstage problems with Ric Flair date back to their days in WCW.

The 16-time world champion was apparently pushed down the card in favor of Steiner and many other rising stars in the early 90s. Additionally, Arn Anderson also revealed details of an unsatisfactory match featuring Scott and Flair that increased the hostility between the two.

The match in question happened at Clash of Champions 1991, where Steiner and Flair battled for the WCW World Title. Here’s what Arn recalled about the incident:

“There was just a conspiracy in somebody’s mind, one way or the other. The match was not what either one of them wanted it to be. I think they carried that and it just built and built and built and when you’re the booker, and Ric was the booker, you’re always going to have some enemies, and you’re going to have some confidants. I think it was one of those situations.”

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