Manchester United 0 – [3] Liverpool Mohamed Salah Goal

Manchester United 0 – [3] Liverpool Mohamed Salah Goal

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have three up here great chance this for
manchester united shout for a handball
they don’t need it they’ve got an
equalizer holy goodness
here he comes
firstly goal against liverpool
goal number 33 of the season and in a
pressure cooker situation there is no
one more ice cool than this fella he’s
beaten dudek already today
and he’s beaten him again and that
should do it for today for three points
for united
van nistelrooy
who knows he’s got beckham in support
giggs is arriving into the penalty area
by mr roy giggs
he didn’t miss it
his first premiership goal at old
since august of 99.
four nil
he does beat dude
it gets better
and better
here comes the delivery
mikhail silvestra
against the club he almost joined

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