Mick Foley Provokes Will Smith with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Threat After Chris Rock Slap

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Taking a stand against jokes which directly attack a family member is one thing, but physically assaulting someone on live television could be a step too far. So, when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during The Academy Awards, would he have done the same if it was Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock making the same joke?

This is the point WWE Legend Mick Foley tried to make on social media.


It so happened that Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head in G.I. Jane 2. Unfortunately, Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia, which results in hair loss. After Rock’s reference to Smith’s hairdo, her husband slapped Chris Rock.

Later, when Will Smith accepted his award for Best Actor for King Richard, he apologized to the audience, the organizers, and claimed himself to be a vessel of love.

Now, Mick Foley pointed out that had it been The Rock who made that joke, the vessel of love would not have done what he did, hence, making him a bully.

Fans believe The Rock wouldn’t have made that joke

As soon as Foley put out his opinion on the internet, many came to Will Smith’s aid. Their opinion is that Will Smith did what any husband should do if his wife’s health is being joked about. On top of that, The Rock would have never made that joke.




There’s no ounce of doubt that Dwayne Johnson is extremely respectful of women. He has often taken to the internet to praise the strong women in his life. His mother Ata Johnson, wife Lauren Hashian, business partner Dany Garcia, and daughters Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana Gia.

However, Foley’s point does stand strong. No one in their right mind would smack The Rock, regardless of what he jokes about. The man is nothing short of a mountain.

Keeping that in mind, there are some who have supported Foley’s take on the situation, and praised Chris Rock for keeping a calm mind instead of escalating the situation.

What do you think about Mick Foley’s statement? Let us know in the comments below.

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