WWE legend Jacques Rougeau says tales regarding Hulk Hogan getting an additional $10,000 to lose against him are false.

Rougeau, otherwise known as The Mountie in WWE, crushed the then-WCW World Heavyweight Champion on April 11, 1997, on a live occasion. The show was coordinated by Rougeau and occurred in his old neighborhood of Montreal.

Addressing WSI’s James Romero, Rougeau tended to a hypothesis about Hogan’s compensation for the occasion. He additionally excused the theory that The Hulkster didn’t need his uncommon loss to be shot.

“Not true, not true, not true at all. Hulk was really professional. I offered him a price. My lawyer in Montreal fronted me the money. I offered a price… that’s the money he got. He was a professional all the way. That [rumor about Hogan not wanting the match to be filmed] is not true. We didn’t film the event – it wasn’t filmed. I mean, I filmed them locally, I got footage of it locally from my own connection, but I was never told that by him. Never,” said Rougeau.

In December 2020, Jacques Rougeau additionally addressed Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone about his triumph over Hulk Hogan. He said Hogan moved toward him behind the stage and shockingly presented to lose the match.

Jacques Rougeau is still unsure why Hulk Hogan lost

The expression “that doesn’t work for me, sibling” is frequently used to ridicule Hulk Hogan’s refusal to lose against specific adversaries all through his profession.

Considering that Hogan was so specific with regards to which adversaries crushed him, Jacques Rougeau can’t comprehend why the WWE symbol consented to lose their match.

“To be honest with you, I could never figure out the whole time why Hulk was so nice to me, why Hulk agreed to do that. There are so many things that are gonna be a mystery for the rest of my life,” stated Rougeau.

Rougeau added that he has met Hulk Hogan a couple of times since their wrestling vocations finished. Nonetheless, they have never spoken inside or out with regard to their match.

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