Photo: Cody Rhodes hints at massive change if he wins the WWE title

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Cody Rhodes has made a big tease about the future of the WWE title in his latest Instagram story.

After leaving AEW, The American Nightmare made his surprise return at WrestleMania 38 and defeated Seth Rollins in a singles match. The next night on RAW, Rhodes made it clear that he wanted to become the WWE Champion.

In his latest Instagram story, Cody shared a picture of quite possibly the most famous WWE title belt in history: the Winged Eagle belt.

The image has left many fans clamoring for a title win for The American Nightmare so that he can bring the old title design back.

Check out the picture that Cody posted below:

Cody Rhodes brought back a classic title design during his previous WWE run

In the early 2010s, Cody was one of the hottest acts on WWE TV. In August 2011, Rhodes won the Intercontinental title by defeating Ezekiel Jackson on an episode of SmackDown.

About two months later, he debuted a brand new design for his belt. The design consisted of a white strap and plates similar to the classic Intercontinental belt design from the 1980s.

The change was well received by the WWE Universe. Rhodes is credited by many as the one to revive the Intercontinental title’s lost prestige around that time.

Cody’s last WWE stint ended in 2016. A lot has changed over the past six years, and he is one of the biggest babyfaces in the industry today. Judging by his increasing momentum, it wouldn’t be surprising if Rhodes wins the title somewhere down the line.

Roman Reigns currently hold the WWE title. He won the prestigious belt by defeating Brock Lesnar in a “Winner Takes All” Championship Unification match at WrestleMania 38.

The Tribal Chief has been unstoppable for about 600 days at this point. It’ll be interesting to see how Rhodes fares against the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion if the duo comes face-to-face in the future.

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