Pitch invader chasing Christiano Ronaldo after scoring the winning goal

well when external criticism is swirling
around united that’s when old trafford
often at its best often at its most
defiant and the support from the stands
needs to be loud tonight as united face
very dangerous opponents
hurry out
across the pulls and across the face of
goal and turned in
for chalice scores
and united will have to come from behind
mario for chalice makes it united nil.

atalanta what
ronaldo clips it across
taken away from rashford fred
what a brilliant bit of defending
comes in dangerously two-nil
and it’s dimmer out

oh rashford’s in here chance
will we look back with some regret at
that united
right back in it brilliant brilliant
fernandez and again helped on by cavani
never right manchester united off 2-2
and there’s still 15 to go
sure useful great header ronaldo of
course ronaldo

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