Portugal vs Estonia 7-0 Highlights & Goals Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal for his mother

as you can see is back
this first friendly for portugal after a
bit of a breather following the
champions league final success ian pepe
returning to this team that is the
standout news
and aside it’s showing seven changes
from that beaten by gold to nil at
wembley almost a week ago
now one nil defeat against england only
row of patricia and gold denilo pereira
moutinho and jiao mario keep their
places fernando santos has opted to
rotate so close to the european

so one final chance then to fine-tune
and they yet be from charisma’s corner
this time though 22a4 in the middle it
was a free header for pepe and his
reaction tells you
exactly what he thought of it knows he
should have done better with it
as well madrid days he can’t be a threat
to these sort of setbacks
before already tonight teresa
we content to play on with portugal
still in possession here
michael guerrero

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