Roman Reigns broke his nose at a WWE house show back on December 30, 2015. During a match against previous on-screen enemy Sheamus, Roman Reigns experienced a nose injury.

This prompted the previous WWE Champion to go through a nasal reconstructive medical procedure two months after the injury, which in the long run changed the presence of his nose.

At the hour of the injury, WWE announced that Roman Reigns would have to go through a medical procedure after a ridiculous beatdown on account of Triple H on a scene of RAW.

It was accounted for that WWE ability behind the stage asserted that Roman Reigns had been managing issues with his nose for a long while and required a medical procedure.

The injury to Roman Reigns was caused during a table spot at the live occasion. Sheamus was seen hammering the previous Big Dog through the table be that as it may, as the last went through the table, a household item withdrawn and hit Reigns on his nose.

Roman Reigns is the reigning WWE Universal Champion

At the hour of his quarrel against Sheamus back in late 2015, Roman Reigns was vigorously scrutinized by the WWE Universe for being a babyface. Notwithstanding, quick forward to 2021, and things have totally convoluted.

While Roman Reigns is as yet viewed as one of the top WWE Superstars, the supreme Universal Champion has set up his place as the greatest heel in the organization.

Triple H and Roman Reigns

As Raw ended, Triple H gave Roman Reigns a thumping, leaving him bleeding and sending him off for a procedure WWE.com refers to as “nasal remaking”, which involves realigning the septum. Some forgiving wrestling fans thought this was just a way of getting Roman off the TV and checking whether that assisted him with getting booed wherever WWE went, yet incidentally, Redditor zalaphoto may have found the genuine answer.

The theory goes like this:

Triple H destroyed Roman Reigns on Monday’s Raw, deed him hemorrhage, and causation him off for what WWE.com is asking a “nasal remaking” medical procedure, involving a realignment and repair of a digressed septum.” (In my opinion, fatigued) wrestling fans at first believed this was merely the way of obtaining Roman off TV for a moment and seeing if that affected how usually he got booed on WWE shows. However, Redditor zalaphoto found the real answer.

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