10 Biggest Freaks of Nature In WWE History

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One thing that every superstar in WWE must have is strength. Even the smaller wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, and Kofi Kingston must maximize their ability to build muscle. Regardless of their size, some superstars have historically been freaks of nature in the business and they never were scared to show it off.

In any professional sport, the world has seen memorable moments of many types of athleticism. But WWE has been home to most the incredible feats of strength that dropped the jaws of the world. When they say that superstars spend hours in the gym every single day, they aren’t kidding.

At One Night Stand in 2007, John Cena battled The Great Khali in a Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE Championship. Given the magnitude of the match along with the rare style of match, a shocking moment between the two superstars was imminent.

The two wrestlers climb up on the bed of a crane truck. Cena then rakes Khali’s eyes, leaving him vulnerable enough to lift the nearly 400-pound giant and perform an Attitude Adjustment off the vehicle. Not only is lifting up the mammoth Khali unbelievable but finishing him off of a crane truck gives Cena a ton of style points. It is easy to say that this feat was nothing short of amazing.

One of many powerful feats for Mark Henry, breaking off a locked steel cage is mind-boggling. On a 2006 episode of SmackDown, Mark Henry decided to interrupt a tag-team steel cage match. As you can see in the picture above, that door is legitimately locked shut.

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