Released WWE Star Claims the Company Made a Fake Promise to Him

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The former WWE NXT brand superstar Bronson Reed recently, in an interview, spoke of his time with the company. However, Jonah, formerly known as Bronson Reed, seems to be unhappy with the WWE since his release.

During his time with the black and gold brand, Jonah served as NXT North American Champion. But his 42-day reign as NXT North American Champion ended after losing the belt to Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. Soon after the defeat, the WWE released Bronson Reed in August 2021.

The former NXT North American Champion was on the verge of becoming a top guy in Triple H’s brainchild brand.

Bronson Reed was compelled to become a top guy in the WWE!

Bronson Reed was invited to the Callihan Uncensored podcast with Sami Callihan. Monstrous Jonah is currently signed with IMPACT Wrestling, and the host asked him where he thinks he should be in his career.

Jonah responded, “Very top, World Champion. That’s where I’ve always wanted to be, and that’s where I still have my goals set. I set goals as they go and build my way up, and that company that shall not be named, I was destined to become the top guy in the black and gold brand.”

The Monstrous Jonah’s future goals are set for himself. He wants to be the World Champion wherever he steps his foot next. However, the former NXT North American Champion spoke about Triple H’s brainchild and the WWE‘s promise in the conversation.

Will Monstrous Jonah become a World Champion?

According to Jonah, the WWE promised him a prominent spot on the black and gold brand. But unfortunately, the company had no such plans for Bronson Reed as they released him later.

“That’s what was supposed to happen. It was what was promised. But as we all know, promises don’t get kept a lot in professional wrestling. So now it’s all on my own shoulders, and I want to make sure that I still live up to that hype,” Jonah added.

Since his release from the company, the former NXT Champion has also made appearances in New Japan Pro Wrestling Strong. Jonah debuted with IMPACT Wrestling in November 2021 and has created a top name for himself with the company.

Bronson Reed was promised a top dog spot with the WWE; however, the company released him. Do you think the company could have made Jonah a World Champion if he was not let go?

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