Roman Reigns vs Goldberg: Former WWE star offers baffling booking suggestion for title match

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Former WWE star Bubba Ray Dudley has offered a baffling booking suggestion for the Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg title match at Elimination Chamber.


Bubba Ray Dudley is known to have a controversial take every now and then, and he’s just revealed his latest.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion has said that he’d like to see Roman Reigns lose the Universal Championship to Goldberg in Saudi Arabia.

However, Dudley says he’d then have Roman Reigns regain the title in a rematch on Friday Night SmackDown the following week (February 26).

“I’d have, personally, Goldberg come back and beat Roman in Saudi and immediately do a rematch on SmackDown the following Friday night and put it back on Roman”.

The decision doesn’t particularly make much sense, considering it was put an abrupt end to Reigns’ 500+ day reign, only to put the belt back on him less than a week later.

In modern wrestling, long title reigns are incredibly hard to come by, so fans are of the belief that Reigns should hold the belt for as long as possible.

As noted, the reaction to the booking suggestion has not gone over well with fans, with many simply having none of Bubba’s suggestion.



It seems incredibly unlikely that this is the route WWE is going to go down, with Reigns likely to retain over Goldberg at Elimination Chamber next weekend.

Reigns is almost certainly going to defend his Universal title against Brock Lesnar in the main event of night two of WrestleMania 38 in April, a match fans expect him to win.

The feud between Reigns and Lesnar has been ongoing since the summer of last year, so it seems unlikely that WWE could muddy the waters by having Reigns drop the belt.

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