“Same Applies to Steve”: Ric Flair Gets Honest on Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Became So Famous in the Attitude Era

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The Attitude Era greatly helped the WWF to reach new heights. In addition, the Attitude Era gave rise to a slew of superstars and legends. Ric Flair, on his Woo Nation Uncensored podcast, discussed the Attitude Era and one of its biggest talents, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Rattlesnake is, without a doubt, the most iconic superstar in WWE history. On the podcasts, Mark Madden asked Flair, “Was Steve the most over guy ever within a short time frame cut short because of injury?” To which Flair responded, “Yes, in my opinion, I don’t think it’s amazing to say at all. I don’t know.” 

Furthermore, Madden asked, “Did Vince make Steve or Steve made Vince?”

“I don’t think anybody made Steve. I think Steve made himself, but Vince was the perfect. And I mean, for a guy that never wrestled. Never did anything and that. Vince had that promo and he has it until to this day and that’s a gift. And I mean we all want to think that you just if you’re able to rattle us off and you guys write it down, you gotta feel it,” Flair replied.

Moreover, Flair said, when McMahon talks, he speaks his mind and what he believes in. Similarly, the rattlesnake is no different. He doesn’t care what you write for him; all he cares about is doing and saying what he truly believes in, and that has made him so special.

Bubba Dudley questioned Stone Cold Steve Austin: ‘Could You Do It on Your Own?’

Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke with Bubba Ray Dudley on his show Broken Skull Session. In the high entertaining episode, both talked about several topics.

During their conversation, Dudley said, “Good guys aren’t worth s**t, without the bad guys.” Moreover, he asked Austin whether he believes he could be as great as he is without a heel and without Vince’s contribution as a heel.

To which Austin responded, “That would have been tough dude because that was the next level and he was the ultimate bad guy, so yeah, I, to your point, I doubt that.” 

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