Seth Rollins Blurts 6 Hateful Words on Cody Rhodes’ AEW Background During WrestleMania Classic

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The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes made his presence felt in WWE after six years. He returned amidst cheers as Vince McMahon’s pick to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38. It was a scene to watch as the arena was cheering with “CODY” chants all around.

However, the AEW star did not get a feel-good welcome from his opponent, Seth Rollins. When Cody’s music hit, ‘The Visionary’ began laughing.

While the match the going on, Seth Rollins said some words to Cody Rhodes. They were centered around what ‘The American Nightmare’ did while he was away from the WWE.

‘The Visionary’ said, “My house, my company, my industry.” It was a direct sign that Seth Rollins will target Cody Rhodes for his AEW background in the future.

It seems like this will be WCW vs WWE all over again. Like X- Pac was the first one to jump ship back to WWE from WCW, Cody has come back home to WWE from AEW.

As ‘The American Nightmare’ is scheduled for RAW after WrestleMania on Monday, it will be exciting to see what he has in store for the WWE Universe.

Cody Rhodes is happy to be back

Earlier this year, the news broke that Cody Rhodes had left AEW. Fans did not expect that he would join WWE, but the rumors started. After Elimination Chamber, multiple sources confirmed Cody had signed with WWE. However, he did not appear despite being hinted at in Rollins’ promos.

Eventually, Rhodes made his presence felt at WrestleMania 38 and kissed the ring after his match. WWE shared it on Twitter, saying, “WELCOME HOME. ❤️ @CodyRhodes #WrestleMania”

It was an exceptional moment and everyone is looking forward to this WWE run of Cody Rhodes.

The Rhodes’ aren’t of any company

Sometime back, Cody Rhodes appeared in an interview with Chris Van Vliet and discussed his time in WWE. When the interviewer asked if the Rhodes’ were the enemies of WWE, Cody said that his family has never stayed in one company.

He reflected that his father Dusty Rhodes was never a proper corporate man, and he worked from territory to territory in his career.

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