10 Banned Wrestling Moves That Are Real! (Most Dangerous WWE Moves Ever)

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The wrestlers have been trained in the ring to make sure they know how to perform a move as safely as possible protecting both himself and his opponent in the ring from injury how

Right now the in-ring quality in WWE is better than it ever has been with some of the moves that the athletes are able to pull off now leaving fans mesmerized and in awe as the pace of the sport increases rapidly.

However, even though WWE Superstars are wrestlers at the absolute top of their game that doesn’t mean that there is no risk factor in what they do, with wrestlers putting their bodies on the line on a daily basis to entertain the fans.

Throughout the years some absolutely insane moves have been created, but as WWE has become a larger, public trading company, they have restricted the talent on certain dangerous moves, and within this list, we will rank 10 moves that are banned by WWE.

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