The Undertaker Opens Up on WWE Stars’ Grueling Schedule After Recent Events Including Scott Hall and Big E: “It’s Just Dawned on Me Here in the Last…”

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Being a WWE superstar isn’t just about having matches but also being on the road for 300+ days a year. The Undertaker is one of the WWE superstars who were on the road for most of the days as an active wrestler. As a matter of fact, he has wrestled on almost every show WWE ever had, except for NXT.

Having matches four-five times a week can be seriously stressful on the body of the wrestlers. WWE superstars get very little sleep, have no fixed time for having meals and all this makes it difficult to keep up the excellent performance in the ring.

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Recently, The Undertaker appeared on the True Geordie Podcast where he discussed his career in WWE. Also, in the interview, he opened up about WWE’s schedule and injuries of an active wrestler.

He said, “The human body is not made to take that kind of abuse day in and day out. I have just started using this phrase. It’s just dawned on me here in the last as I have started talking and opening up more. You have to realise in any wrestling match and it just happen the other day, you are two inches away from something catastrophic happening.”

WWE superstars take a huge toll on their bodies to entertain the fans. While performing certain moves, a minor mistake can cause a major injury to the pro-wrestlers.

The Undertaker on major injuries suffered by pro-wrestlers
While talking about the toll WWE wrestlers take on their bodies, The Phenom talked about major injuries suffered. A slight mistake can cause a wrestler to retire permanently or partially. He also said how wrestlers find a way to get themselves some relief from the pain.

Taker said, “Big E the other day almost broke, he did break his neck, Now you multiply that 250 times. And when everything goes right the pounding that the body takes, the lack of rest, the incredible amount of traveling you are constantly worn down.”

He continued, “Through my era and you look for any way at all to alleviate some of the pain because you know you gotta go out and do it again the next night.”

WWE stars have 3-4 matches per week and have to be at their top game. The improper schedule of wrestlers because of constant traveling makes their body to suffer both physically and mentally.

The Undertaker is grateful to the fans
The Deadman has wrestled many matches in his 30+years career. He had many injuries and surgeries over time but still returned to give fantastic matches for the fans.In the interview, he thanked his fans and also referred that the fans were the reason he came back to have a match after having a major injury.

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